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Summary: Lookalike audiences for your niche to scale your business and find new customers

For: Those who want to scale their business to the next level

Platform: Facebook


So you’ve been running ad campaigns on Facebook. Congrats! But you have yet to draw the full potential of Facebook marketing. One way to do that is by creating lookalike audiences. “What’s a lookalike audience?” Simply put, it’s an audience targeted by Facebook which resembles your existing customer list. A lookalike audience is made of people who share similar demographics and interests with your own customers, making them a good target for your advertising efforts. In other words, and get more bang for your ad buck. Isn’t that awesome? However, doing this on your own can result in a lot of trial and error. Identifying the people who could be interested in your business is tricky. If your budget and schedule don’t allow for experimentation, you best option is to have Facebook experts create lookalike audiences for you. That’s what this gig is about: we will create not just one, two, or three, but TEN hyper-targeted lookalike audiences. Each one targets Facebook users who are likely to respond to your ads. Imagine the Return on Spent Ads once your campaigns are active… How does it work? It’s simple: after you place your order, we’ll send you a form with questions about your business. Once filled, we will deliver your order after 3 business days. That’s it! Also, our gigs are entirely risk-free – we offer unlimited revisions and a 100% money back guarantee.