Dropshipping Shopify Store Getting Start Guide (Pick Plan, Remove Password, Add Payment, Business Manager, Facebook Ad, Create Install Facebook Pixel)

So Now You Just Get Your Store From Jetpakcrank, And As I Can Not Do Some Things Inside Your Store, I Create This Guide So You Can Do Them Easily Without Being Lost.

The Guide Is Kind Of Long, But It Does Not Mean It Is Complicated Or Anything, It Is Just very Detailed.

Let's Get Started:

Part 1- Pick A Shopify Plan (Basic Cost 29$/m):

  1. Logging To Your Shopify Store Using One Of This Methods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxTYclF5yY
  2. Go To Shopify, Online Store > Preferences 

  1. Scroll Down, You Will See Password Section, With A Message That Said " To Disable Your Password Page Pick A Plan" And We Click In "Pack A Plan".

  1. You Will See A New Page Where You Pick The Basic Plan 29$/Month, Enter Your Billing Info (You Won't Be Billed Till 14 Days Trial Over)
  2. After That You Will Be Redirected To Shopify Dashboard.

Part 2 - Remove Password That Protect Your Store:

The Last Step, Is To Deactivate The Password That protect The Page, To Do That You Go Again To Online Store, Preferences, Password Section; And Uncheck The Box, And Hit SAVE.

Part 3 - Add  Payment Methods To Your Store & Switch To Auto Payments:

The Best Payment Providers To Your Store Are Paypal, And Shopify Payment (Powered By Stripe), This Way You Will Be Able To Capture Cards Payment And Paypal Payments.

To Activate The Payment Provider You Need to:

  1. Go To Shopify "Dashboard"
  2. Go To "Setting"
  3. Go To "Payment Providers"

There Click On "Activate Paypal" And "Activate Shopify Payment' Then Follow The Steps Mentioned By Shopify (Add Your Business Address, Bank Account, Mobile Phone, Paypal Account...)

Part 4 - Switch To Auto Payment:

Here in same payment page, scroll below, u will see that ur store capture payment manually, which mean that u need to accept every payment manually, so just switch it to automatic and hit save.

Part 5 - Add Domain Name:

The Simple Way To Do That Is To:

- Buy Your Domain For 8.88$ / Year From https://www.namecheap.com/ (Get Just The Domain, No Extra, As Shopify Provide Hosting And SSL)

Note: If The Domain Name That You Are Looking For  (Ex: XYZ.Com) Is Taken, Try:

  1. Add "The" At The Beginning (Ex: TheXYZ.Com)
  2. Add "Shop/Store" At The End (Ex: XYZStore.Com XYZShop.Com)
  3. Try Underline "-" (Ex: X-Y-Z.Com)

- After You Buy The Domain, You Can Switch The Domain By Ur Self Or By Asking Me:

1- Contact Me In Fiverr, Send Me Namechimp Logging (Username + Password) And I Will Switch The Domain For You.
2- Or, Do It By Yourself By Following:

Go To Namecheap Dashboard,  And Switch DNS From Random To Shopify.

- Now Go To Shopify > Online Store > Domain > Click In "Connect Existing Domain" And Add The Domain, Click "Verify Connection"

- Finally, Click In "Change Primary Domain", Choose The New Domain, And Hit Save.

Now Your Store Load Using The New Domain That You Just Buy From namecheap.

Part 6 - Create Facebook Business Account & Ad Account & Create A FB Pixel & Install It In Shopify

Facebook Allow You To Own A Personal Profile That You Use To Talk With Your Friends And Family, But Also Has What Known As Business manager, Which Is The Area Where You Control Your Ads On Facebook Platform.

It Is Important To Understand The Facebook Structure:

  1. Each Facebook Personal Account Can Create A One Business Account
  2. The Business Account Can Create 4 Facebook Ad Accounts
  3. Business Account VS Ad Account: Business Account Is More For Control Things As payment Methods, Give Access To Someone, And So On; While An Ad Account Is Where You Can Create The Ads, Select Audiences...
  4. Each Ad Account Has One Only Facebook Pixel, Which Is The Code That Track Activities In Your Shopify Store.
  5. Each Ad Account Allow You To Create Unlimited Number Of Campaigns
  6. Campaign Level Is Where You Select The Conversion Of Your Ads, Like Post Engagement, Traffic To Website, Leads, Or Sales (Best Type For Ecommerce)
  7. Each Campaign Can Has An Unlimited Number Of Adsets (Adset is The Level Of The Ad Where You Can Choose Audiences, Daily Budget, Age And Much More)
  8. Each Adset Can Has Unlimited Number Of Ad Creative ( Ad creative Is The level Where You Can Ad Link To Your Store, Product Image Or Video, And Short Description)

Now After You Know All This, Let's Create Your Business Manager, Ad Account, The Pixel, And Link The Pixel To Your Shopify Store:

A- Create Business Manager:

  1. You Need To Have A Facebook Personal Account, if You Do Not Have One, Go And Create One At Facebook.com
  2. Then, Go To Business Manager Overview Platform Click Here
  3. Click On Create An Account (Blue Button In Top Right Side)
  4. Enter Your Business Name (It Can Be Any name That Represent Your Business), Then Your Personal Name, Then Your Business Email (It Can Be your Business Email Or Your Personal Email, And Yes, It Can Be Gmail), And Click Next.

  • You Will See A Pop Up That Ask You To Add Your Business Details, Here Just Enter Your Business Or Personal Address, In Website Field, Enter Your Shopify Domain Name, Then Choose Promote My Own Goods, And Click Submit.

  • You Will See A Congratulation Message, Click Done, And You Will Be Redirected To Your Facebook Business Manager.
  • As Final Step, Please Bookmark This Page, As You Need It In Future.

B- Prepare Your Business Manager For Success:

In This Part We Will Fix Once For All The Setting Inside Business Manager, So You Can Automatic A Big Part From Your facebook Ads Kingdom.

To Do That, Simply Follow The Steps Mentioned Bellow

i- Add Payment Method:

You Do Not Want Facebook To Stop Your Ads, Bcz They Couldn't Found  A Payment Method On Your Store, To Avoid That, Do The Following:

  • In Business Manager, Go To Business Setting Blue Button (Top Right Corner), And Click On it.

  • Go to the left menu, scroll down, and click on PAYMENT, then ADD, and add your payment information, and hit SAVE.

ii- Add Your Facebook Page To Business Manager: 

Linking Your Store Facebook Page, Or Create One In This Level Is An Amazing Investment Of Your Time And Effort, As You Will Save A lot In The Future.

To Do That, In The Same Business Setting Page (Business Manager > Business Setting), Go To Accounts > Pages (Left Side Menu), And Click The Blue Button "Add", Where You Can Add An Existing Page By Typing It Name, Or You Can Create A New One If You Do Not Have A Facebook Page Yet For Your Store.


iii- Connect Your Instagram Account:

As Facebook Page, Linking Your Instagram Page Now Is An Amazing Move From You, To Do That, Simply Click In Instagram Accounts Under Accounts (Left Side Menu) In Business Setting, And Log To Your Instagram Page.

B- Create Your First Ad Account Inside Business Manager:

Here We Will Create The Ad Account So You Can Later Create Facebook Pixel, And Ads For Your Store.

In Same Page "Business Setting" Go To Accounts > Ad Accounts, And Click On It, Then Click In Blue Button "Add", Then Choose " Create A New Add Account" Which Is The Last option In The List.

A Pop Up Will Show Up, Fill It With Your Info

  1. Name: Can Be Your Store Name
  2. Time: Always Use -8 Pacific (Best Time For Check Reports)
  3. Currency: USD always
  4. Payment Method: Here You Should See The Payment That We Set In Business Level Before, If You Do Not, You Can Choose "Add One Later"
  5. Click "Create"
  6. Another Pop Up Will Show Up, Choose " My Business" And Hit "Create"

Finally, You Will See A Pop Up For Permissions, You Need To:

  • Select Your Ad Account, And Give Your Self "Admin Access - Manage Ad Account"
  • Same Thin In Pages Bellow Ad Account, Give Yourself Admin Access.
  • Hit Assign

You Will See The Finally Success Message

C- Create The Facebook Pixel And Add It To Shopify:

To Create The Fb Pixel And Connect It Properly To Shopify Watch The Video Bellow, But Before, read the red text.

IMPORTANT/URGENT: Before you watch the video i want to explain a few things.

Facebook has  a featured called facebook shop & Instagram Shop, Here you create a store in facebook, and people can shop from facebook or instagram without leaving the platform.

Please note that we use Shopify as shop, and facebook just to create ads and send traffic to the shopify store (not create a shop in fb).

So if you try to create a facebook shop, be sure that 99% your ad account will be disable, because facebook will review all your products, and will flag them as "violate policy" or what ever other reasons.

Again, Please do not create a facebook shop or IG shop, and do not submit your product catalog to facebook.

Please Just Follow The Video To Create And Install The Pixel, and thats it:

Part 7 - VERY IMPORTANT => Read Facebook Ad Policy

Please it is very important to read and understand facebook ad policy at https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/ if you ignore this , your ad may be rejected (as you did not respect one or two rules) you can even get your ad account disabled.