Pro Facebook Ad Account Setup For Dropshipping And Ecommerce

Facebook Is A Cool Pool Of Fresh And Real Audience, That Convert Very Well With Ecommerce And Dropshipping Offers.

Every Ecommerce Business Owner, Should Advertise His/her products There, But As It Is Cool It Is Also Dangerous And Not easy To Use Platform, As there Is tons of variants, and setting, and stuff that going on in term of doing successful ads.

In This Guide I Am Going To Guide You Through How To Do The Proper Initial Setting, Like Create Business Manager, Add Payment Methods, Create Ad Account, Fb Pixel And Much More.

1. Create Your Facebook Business Manager Account

Here We Will Go To Create A Business Manager In facebook, This Account Will Be The Platform To Controls All Our Pages, Instagram Accounts, Stuff members, Payment Methods, And Ad Account (More About Ad Account Later).

See Business Manager As A tool To Manager all your advertising activities on facebook.

Some Facebook Business Manager Pros Mentioned By facebook It Self:

  • You need more than one ad account.
  • You need to request access to Pages or ad accounts.
  • You need to assign permissions to a lot of people working together.
  • You need business-level insights and reporting.

So To Create A facebook business manager Account, Follow The Points Bellow:

  • You Need To Have A Facebook Personal Account, if You Do Not Have One, Go And Create One At
  • Then, Go To Business Manager Overview Platform Click Here
  • Click On Create An Account (Blue Button In Top Right Side)
  • Enter Your Business Name (It Can Be Any name That Represent Your Business), Then Your Personal Name, Then Your Business Email (It Can Be your Business Email Or Your Personal Email, And Yes, It Can Be Gmail), And Click Next.

  • You Will See A Pop Up That Ask You To Add Your Business Details, Here It Is Simple, Just Enter Your Business Or Personal Address, In Website Field, Enter Your Shopify Domain Name, Then Choose Promote My Own Goods, And Click Submit.

  • You Will See A Congratulation Message, Click Done, And You Will Be Redirected To Your Facebook Business Manager.
  • As Final Step, Please Bookmark This Page, As You Need It In Future.

2. Prepare Your Facebook Business Manager For Success:

In This Step After You Create Your Business Manager, We Are Going To Do Some Important Setting, So You Automate A Large Part From Your Advertising Kingdom, Parts Like You Do Not Need To Enter payment Info Each Time, Or Link A Facebook Page To A Specific Ad Account Manually And So On.

To Do That, Simply Follow The Steps Mentioned Bellow

A- Add An Image To Your Profile:

It Can Be A Logo Of Your Business So People That Work On Your Ad Account, Will recognize You.

B- To Add Payment Method:

You really do not want your ads to be stoped by facebook, because it does not found a payment method in your account, so to avoid that:

  • Go To Business Setting Button (Top Right Corner), And Click On it.

  • Go to slide left menu, and click on PAYMENT, then ADD, and add your payment information.

C- Facebook Page: 

Save Your Self A Lot Of Headash, And Link Your Business Page Right Now, To Your Business Manager, This Will Allow You To Easily Choose It When You Create An Ad In Your Ad Account.

To Do That Just Go To Left Menu In Setting, And Choose Account, Then Page, and Click ADD, Here You Can Add Existing Page (Past The URL Of Your Page , Or Its Name).

If You Do Not Have Any Page Yet, You Can Create A Brand New One; You Can Read More About That Here How To Create A Facebook Page For Dropshipping Business

D- Connect Your Instagram Account:

Here You Connect The IG Account Of Your Business, For Same reason As Above, To Do That, Just Go To Setting, Account, Instagram Accounts, And Click Add.

3. Create Your First Facebook Ad Account:

This Is The Most Important Step, So Facebook Allow You To Have Only One Business Manager, But You Can Create Up To 4 Ad Accounts, Each Ad Account Have One Pixel Code, And Represent One Business, In Our Case One Shopify Store.

To Create An Ad Account, You Need To Go To Business managerSetting, Account, Ad Accounts, Create New Ad Account.

After That, You Need To Name It "your Store Name", And Choose Time "best Time For Me Was -8 GMT America / LA", The Choose Your Currency.

Note: You Need Time Zone, To Read Data, And Schedule Your Ads, So If You Advertise Only In Europe, Or AU, Or CA, Choose The Best Time For That Country Or Areas, While If You Advertise Worldwide Or To Epack Countries, Which Is The Case For Dropshipping, Use What I Mention Above.

Now, As You Are Not A Marketing Agency That Works At Other Peoples Ad Accounts, Choose "My Business" And Hit Create

After You Click Create, You Will See Two Pop Up, One To Ad Stuff Account And One Is Kind Of Congratulation Message, With Request To Ad payment Method, Skip Both Of Them, As We Will Do That later.

4. Properly Setup Your Facebook Ad Account:

Ok, Now We Did A Big Progress By Creating A Business Manager, Add Payment Method, Facebook Page, IG Account, And Create An Ad Account.

Now Let's Setup Our Ad Account, And Make It Read To Own Our Campaigns.

A. Open Ad Account In Separate Window:

Now, We Need To Open Your New Ad Account In Separate Window, So We Can Do More Things, To DO That Just:

  • Go To Business Setting
  • Go To Left Side Menu, And Choose Accounts, Then Ad Accounts
  • In Right Top Side, Click On "Open In Ads Manager"

  • Your Ad Account Will Open In New Window, You need To Accept Facebook Ads Policies, Also You Will See A Message About "Does your business, XXX, focus on politics or on advocating for issues of national importance?" Where You Need To Click "NO"

B. Add Payment Method:

Now, We Need To Ask From Facebook Ad Account, To Use Our Business Manager Payment Method, To Do That:

  • In New Window Of Ad Account, Go To Left Top menu, And Click In "Setting" To See The Sub menu Of Ad Account.

  • In Sub Menu, Choose Setting, Not Business Setting

  • In Setting Page, Choose Payment Setting

  • Then, Click Add Payment Method

  • Choose "Use Business manager Payment Method"

  • Click Continue. And Make It Your Primary payment Method.

Perfect We Are Done With payment And Your Ads Won't Be Paused For Silly Reason As No Payment method Was Chooses For The Ad Account.

Note: You may see an error here, to fix it you can wait till you lunch one ad campaign (Fb own you money), or you can go and add your card, instead of choosing business manager payment as primary payment.

C. Create A Pixel And Add It To Shopify Store:

After We Pick A Payment Method, lets Go And Create A Pixel.

Pixel Is A Code That Will help facebook Track All Activities That Happen Outside Facebook Platform, Like View Content, Add to cart, initial checkout, and purchase.

So, facebook Already Know DATA About Facebook User Like Age, Sexe, Interest, Imagine How Powerful It Will be To Combine DATA Of facebook With Data From Your store, this is how cool is facebook ad platform.

To Create A pixel:

  • Again In Ad Account, Go To Left Top Button "Setting", And Choose Pixel.

  • Go Down And Click On "Create Pixel"

  • You Will See A Pop Up Where You Name Your Pixel (Ex: Storename Pixel); Also You Can Add Your Store Domain, But It Is optional.

  • You Will See A Pop Up About How To Add Pixel To Your Store, Choose "Partner Integration"

  • From The List of Partners, Choose "Shopify"

  • After That Follow Facebook Ads guidance, In Term Of How To Ad The Pixel, Basically It Is Go To Shopify, Online Store, Preferences, Facebok Pixel, And Past The Code.
  • Finally Facebook Allow You To Test Your Pixel, Just Enter Your Store Domain Or The Raw Version Of Shopify "", and hit test.

Perfect, You Successfully Create A Facebook Ad Pixel, Link It With Your Shopify Store, And Even test It.

D. Give Access To Jetpackrank To Create The Magic Facebook Ads Template:

To Know More About The Magic Facebook Ads Template, Read This Page, While In This Step, You Are Going To Give Me An Advertiser Access To Your Page, And Ad Account, This Way I Will Be Able To Create The Magic Ad.

To Give Me Access:

  • Go To Facebook Business Manager (Not Ad Account) The Page We Bookmark Earlier, Or Just Type Business manager In your Chrome Nav Bar.
  • In Business Manager, Click On People

  • In People, Click On The Blue Button "ADD"
  • Here You Will Do 3 Things Which Are : Add My Email , Assing Me To The Store Page, Assign me To Ad Account.
  • To Add Email Address, It Is Simple, Just Copy And Past It

  • In Page, Choose The Right Page, And Give Me (Create Ads, View Performance" Access

  • In Ad Account, Choose The Right Ad Account, And Give Me Standard Access.

  • Send The Invitation.

  • I Will Get An Email, And I Will Access To Your Ad Account

As We See, You Give me Access to Your Ad Account, Nothing To Wory About, As Standard Access, I Can Only Create Ads, And After I Create The Magic Ad, You Can Remove Me or Change Access.