How To Use Dsers APP On Shopify For Your Dropshipping Business

Dsers Is A Cool Free APP, Devloped By A Team That Work For ALiexpress, This APP Will For Sure Replace Oberlo And All Other APPs That We Know, As It Has Many Cool Features.

The Best Features Are Adding Any product Without Limitation, Publish Many products To Your Store In One Click, And The Most Important Is Place Up To 100 Orders In less Than A Min, Automatically.

In This Guide We Will See How To Use Dsers APP As Pro To Enhance Your Dropshipping Business.

Note: You Can Check here Dsers Official Youtube Channel

1- Install Dsers APP:

To Install The APP, Just Open Your Shopify Store, Go To APPs, Click Add New APP, and In Search Box Type "Dsers" And Follow The Instruction.

After You Install It You Can See A Guide About How To Use The APP, You Can Skip It As We Will Cover All Here.

Note: To Open Dsers APP After Install It, Just Go To Shopify, APP, And Click On The APP, You Do Not Need Any Logging Details, As Dsers Will Take Logging Info From Your Shopify Account.

2- Set Price Rules For Dsers APP:

The Only Cons For Dsers APP for now the auto updating of pricing for previouselly added poducts, i just contact Dsers Team, and they mention that they will fix the problem soon.

To Avoid This, You Need to fix the pricing rules before adding any product, to do that just open Dsers APP, go to Setting, and choose pricing rules.

There you can do general form of pricing which is X2.5, and set Assign cents to 99 or 97, this way every product you add, the price of it will be X2.5, With .99.

In future u can increase the product price manually or decrease it based on your profit margins that you are looking for.

3- Set Auto epack Shipping For Dsers Dropshipping APP 

In This Step We Will Ask From Dsers To Only Choose Epack As Shipping From Suppliers, Epack is Cool , cheap And fast Shipping System with tracking number.

Note: Never Use Any Other Shipping Except Epack, And Never Ship To Country that epack shipping does not cover it, see the list here.

To Edit Shipping, Go To Dsers APP, Setting, Shipping, And Pick Global, And Choose Epack as shipping in the dropdown menu.

4- Link Your Aliexpress Account With Dsers APP:

What I Like In Dsers Is That You Can Link Aliexpress Account With It, so you can order in bulk using one single click.

If You Already Follow My Guide About Prepare Your Aliexpress Account For Dropshipping, You Will Not Be requested To Add Any payment Info When You Request to place orders.

5- Add products To Dsers APP

Now We Will See How To Add A Product To Dsers From Aliexpress, How To Edit The Product, And How To Push it In Shopify Store.

Note: After You Push The Product To Shopify, Do Not Edit It From Dsers, But Go To Shopify, Products, And Edit The Product (Title, Description, URL, Variants..) From there.

A- Add Product To Dsers From Aliexpress:

There Is Two methods to add products from Aliexpress to your store, the first i susing Dsers APP Dashboard, While The Other one is using the google chrome extention.

i. Dsers APP Dashboard To Add Products:

It Is Prety Simple, Open Dsers APP, Go To Products, Add The Aliexpress Products URL, And Click OK.

ii. Dsers Google Chrome APP:

If You Follow This method, Go To Google Dsers Chrome Extension, And Install It, Then:

  • In Google Chrome, Visit
  • Click On Dsers Extension Icon
  • Select Your Store Name
  • In Option, Select Epack
  • Click Update Setting

Now, Go To Any Aliexpress Category, and you can add the products by a single click.


 6- Edit Products On Dsers APP:

After You Add Your Products, You Can Go To Dsers APP To Edit Them.

In The APP Go To Products, You Will See 3 tabs, Which Are (All, Unpushed, Pushed).

All new products Will Go To Unpushed, There You Can Click In the Small Pen To Edit Any product.

After You Click In The Pen, You Will See A Pop Up Where You Can Edit Product Title, Variants, And Description.

Note: After You Finish Editing, Click SAVE First, Then You Can PUSH The Product To Shopify (You Will See A Pop Up That Ask you To make The Product Online, Hit Check).

Now, You Can Go To Shopify, Products, And You Will Found Your Product There, Where You can do more editing if needed.

7- Add Reviews To Products Uploaded By Dsers:

It Is Simple To Add reviews to your products uploaded by dsers, the process is simple just as if you use oberlo app.

So no matter what shopify review app you use , the process is quite similar.

In This Guide i will use Ryviu Review App as example.

  • First Thing, You Need To Download The Ryviu Chrome Extension.
  • After You Install It, Go To Shopify, APP, And Open Both Dsers, And Ryviu.
  • In Dsers Go To Products, Pushed
  • Click On Product Title, It Will Open The Aliexpress Product page In New Window
  • There, Click In Ryviu Extension Icon
  • Choose: Get product handle from your shop
  • Select The Product From You Shop
  • Click "Get reviews"
  • Wait In The Page until You See The Green Message of Success.

To Edit Reviews Manually In Ryviu, Follow This Guide.

8- Place Order In Dsers.

Place Order Is Quite Simple, So After You Get An order, Just Go To Shopify, APPs, Dsers, Orders, And Hit "Place Order"

Note: You Need To Link Your Aliexpress Account With Dsers APP.

At The End Dsers Is Cool APP, Also the Official Partner With Aliexpress.Com, I Am Sure Most Dropshipper Will Switch To Dsers Sooner Or Later, be The First And Do The Move Right Now, And Enjoy The SImple Dropshipping Process.