How To Add Aliexpress Reviews To Shopify Using Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews APP

One Of The Best APPs To Import Aliexpress Reviews To Your Products Is Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews, In This Short Guide I Will Guide You On How To Quickly Add Reviews:

1- Install The Chrome Extension:

The First Thing Is That You Install The Ali Reviews Chrom Extention APP, Click Here

2- Fix The Default Setting:

  1. Here We Go To Shopify, APPs, Open Ali Reviews APP
  2. In The APP, We Go To Get reviews TAB
  3. Choose "Import Tab"
  4. IN The Import Tab, U Can Do Setting That You Want As:

Fixed Quantity Of Reviews: I Prefer 0 To 50 Reviews Per product

Rating: 4 And Up

Remove Reviews Without Photo And Content, And Keep Only Reviews With Photo And Reviews With Content.

3- Get Aliexpress URL Of The Product

The APP will import Reviews From An Aliexpress Page (Prodct Page) So To Get The Aliexpress URLs Of Your Product Follow:

  1. Oberlo: Go To Shopify, APPs, Oberlo, My Products, Choose One And Click On "Open Original" , U Will Go To Aliexpress Product Page (Copy The URL)
  2. Dsers: Go To Shopify, APPs, Deser, My Products, Click In product Title, And The Aliexpress Product Page Will Open In New Tab

4- Add Reviews:

  • Go To Shopify, APPs And Open Ali Reviews APP
  • Inside The APP, Go To "Get Reviews", Then "Import Reviews"
  • Choose The Product You Want To Add Reviews To It, And Click "Import Reviews Button"

  • You Will See A Pop Up Ask You To Import Reviews From Aliexpress Or CSV, Choose Aliexpress.
  • You Will See A Pop Up ASking You The Aliexpress URL Of The Product, So Copy And Past It.
  • You Can Click In "Defautl Setting" To Change Setting If You Want To

  • Click Import Reviews
  • Wait For Few Min And Your Reviews Will Be Added Successfuly.