How Coronavirus Impact Dropshipping In 2020 And What Should You Do

Many Of Us Was Choosing 2020 To Make Their Life Better By Chasing Their Dreams, And As Dropshipping Is A Beginner Friendly Business Model, That Does Not Require A Huge Budget, People Prefer To Start With It Their Working Online Journey.

Sadly, 2020 Starting By Terrible News, The One That Has Big Impact Was Coronavirus Which Lead To Disability Of The Manufactures In Chian, That Make Dropshipping For Now Kind Of Impossible.

I.what Is Coronavirus In Dropshipping World:

The News Cover Each Side Of This Virus, Like Where It Come From, History Of Virus Development, Number Of Cases, Number Of Deaths, How To Protect Your Self, And How Countries Deal With This Virus, But Very Few Sources Talk About How This Virus Will Effect Dopshipping, And What You Should Do If You Have A Dropshipping Business.

I. You Are Not Alone:

In The Last 3 Years Dropshipping Get An Image Of A 16 Years Old Kid That Do Multi Million Dollar Per Year In Revenues, Working From Beach, Or Home, Sourcing Products From China, Which Is A Fake Fact.

This Image Is Made By Youtubers, Who Use "Fake It Till You Make It" Method, To Get Some Dollars From This Dropshipping Bubble.

As You Know, Youtube Pay Very Well The Youtubers That Target This Keyword, So You See That Kid That We Talk About Above Showing You A Fake Revenues In Shopify Analytics Dashboard (They Do That By Creating Fake Draft Orders In Shopify) To Make A Video Around Dropshipping, And Asking You To Subscriber And Like And Share And All That Stuff.

This Is Not The Subject Of This Article, But Dropshipping Is There Since 2003, Or Even Before, People Doing It Through Ebay, Amazon Fba, Fb Groups, And Now Shopify; Which Mean There Is A Very Large Community, And It Is A Big Business, Which Mean A Lot Will Be Affected With The Coronavirus That Stop China, Because China Is The Source Of All This Products.

Even People That Has Startups And Brands, Made Their Products In China, So Not Just Dropshipping Was Affected With Coronavirus, But Also E-commerce.

II. Should I Start A Dropshipping Shopify Store , Or It Is Too Late And A Bad Idea:

There Is No Right Or Wrong Answer To This Question, As You Know There Is A Risk In Every Business Decision, And This Is One Of Them, Even If It Looks Minor, Also Each Person Has Different Situation (Married, Jobless, Student...).

But As Dropshipping Using Aliexpress And Shopify Is Not Easy As Most People Thing (That Kid Image From Youtube) It Is A Very Good Idea To Start A Store As Soon As You Can, Because The Only Way To Learn, Is By Starting A Real Store, Not Keep Watching A Video After A Video, And Course After A Course.

As You Know , You Need To Master Some Skills A Product Research, Add Products To Your Store, Facebook Ads, Interest Research In Facebook, Instagram Influencers Research, Add Photo Reviews To Your Product, Create An Ad, Create A A Video And Much More.

So, I Think That You Can Start Your Store, And Focus On Learning More Than On Profit, Till China Fix This Coronavirus Problem.

III. I Already Have A Store, What Should I Do?

If You Are Like Me, Someone With Two Shopify Dropshipping Store Or More, The Situation Is A Bit Tricky Because You Are Already In Business, And You Need To Make Sales To Cover Your Loses And Business Expanse.

Bellow, I Will Try To Be Positive, And Throw As May Task As I Can, That Can Keep You Busy, Till As We Mention China Come Back To Business.

1. Stop Your Ads:

The First Logic Step Is Stop Your Ads, Like Facebook, Google Adwords If You Have And So On, This Way, You Will Not Have Orders That You Can No Fulfilment.

2. Search For New Supplier With US, Or Europe Stock:

If Your Store Selling One Or Two Products, It Will Be Easy For You To Replace Your Supplier, With Another Aliexpress Or Ebay Supplier That Have Usa/europ Stock.

3. Clean You Store:

We All Have That Dirty Stores As We Focus On One Product Page, So As Now You Stop Ads And There Is No Traffic, Why You Don't Take Your Time And Prepare A Big Cleaning, And Fixing To Your Store Backend And Front End, Bellow Are Some Possible Tasks:

  • Clean Oberlo Import List : Remove All Products That You Will Never Promote
  • Clean Shopify Product Sections
  • Clean Your Order Area, By Dealing With The Order That You Did Not Fulfillment Yet, You Can Refund The Buyer, Or Contact Them And Explain The Situation, And Offer A Refund Or Wait Solution.

4. Customer Support:

As You Put More Budget On Ads, You Get More Traffic Which Mean More Emails Hit Your Inbox About People Asking Different Questions, From Where Is My Packages, To Do You Have This Or That Option (Ex: Pink Color).

What Would I Do Is Jump To The Inbox, And Try To Understand My Buyers, Try To See What Are Most Asked Questions, To Add Them To My Faq, Response As Many Emails As Possible, And Try To Get A Virtual Assistance, So She/he Take Care Of My Customer Support, As It Is An Important Area In My Business.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization:

You May Hear A Lot About This Quote That Said "You Leave Money In Table", It Is 100% Trues, As Most Of Us Focus Only On More Traffic, And Forget To Increase Conversion Rate For The Store.

Imagine Your Store Convert At 1%, This Mean Each 100 Visitor, One Purchase, So If You Boost It To 4% (Which Is A Lot, But Just Example), You Get 3 More Clients; And What If You Increase Order Value, Where The Buyer That Buy 1 Product, Will Buy A Bundle; Another Thing Is Increase The Returning Customer Metrics, So That 4 Buyers , Two Of Them Will Come Back And Buy From You, What About Email Marketing, Where You Stay In Contact With This 4 Buyers, And Offer Discounts, More Offers, And Maybe Even Ask From Them To Recommend Your Store To Their Friends And Families...

Isn't Cool? From Same 100 Visitors, We Manage To Get 4 Sales In Stead Of One, Increase The Order Value, And Get Repeating Sales.

I Can Her You Telling To Your Self, It Is Cool Yes, But How Can I Do It, Lol, To Answer Your Question I Create A Full Guide To Increase Your Conversion Rate, Or You Can Just Contact Us, And We Will Do It For You, As We Work Daily On Those Metrics, And We Help Many Clients Increase Their Conversion Rate.

6. Product Research:

Another Important Thing To Do Is Product Research, To Load Your Store With Products That Worth Testing.

There Is May Product Research Methods, I Have Collect The Best Of Them (I Personally Use This Method) In This One Article, All You Need To Do Is, Read The Article And Give Each Product Research Method, A Chance

Coronavirus Hit China, The Largest Population In Read, The Number Of Cases Still Lwo Compared To The Population, And China Spend Ton Of Money To Control It, So They Can Come Back To Business Soon, And This What Will Happen, So Till This Happen, Be Ready, Start Your Store If You Dont Have One, Or Take Care Of Your Store.