What Niche To Choose - Dropshipping In 2020

Everyone look for profit in dropshipping, it is quite logic, but this is why most people fail, they just focus on the profit, and forget the process behind it.

It is truth that dropshipping is an easy business model, but it is not a "get rich quick schema", it still a business, and once u said business, it means hard work, take ur time, improve ur skills, good strategies and so on.

In this short article i will help you choose between niche or general store, and then defined the right niche for you, this is one of the most important step, that can impact the success of your store.

I Will Cover:

  1. What Is Niche Store
  2. What Is General Store
  3. Niche VS General
  4. Best Niches For Dropshipping In 2020

1- What Is A Niche Store:

Niche means category, which is a group of people interested in one specific thing, like example: jewelry, clothing, fishing, hunting, tennis, football, pets and so on.

Some niches are broad like Pets, while other are small like Shark Lovers.

A niche store, is a store build around one niche, (ex: pet store, jewelry store...).

Niche characteristics:

  • Products Number: Some niches has many products, while other has very few products to promote.
  • Products Update: Some niches has daily new products (ex: jewelry) while others need weeks even months to see new products.
  • Buying Online: Some niche audiences love to shop online, while others prefer shopping from physical stores (ex: buy used cars)
  • Dropship Friendly: Some niches woks best for dropshipping, while others are not so good.


2- what is a general store:

A General store is a store that does not focus on one specific niche, but it target a broad niche (ex: healthy care) or even every niche like amazon.

In dropshipping, you may rarely see a store like amazon, but u can see a general dropshipping store that target the broad categories like "health care + sport + outdoor + home Improvement + Clothing..."

3- Niche VS General Store:

There is no right or wrong answer here, some people start with general store , and test different niches and products, and once they found a good niche, they build a store around it, some people even build a one product store around that good product from one specific niche.

While others know what they want (past experience in life) and choose a specific niche from the beginning.

Even without past experience, you can pick a niche from my list bellow, they are niches that prove to work very well with dropshipping, also they meet all the niche characteristic we mention above.

4- List Of Best Niches For Dropshipping In 2020

Before i want to ask you to stay away from those niches:

Niches To Avoid:

  •  items that are car-fully checked before the purchase include sophisticated electronics, footwear, exquisite clothing etc
  • items that can get damaged during transportation.
  • items that can possibly experience a postal service.
  • Large heavy items

Now lets see best niches for dropshipping (best r listed above):

Note: you can combine two niches as jewelry and pet = cat lovers jewelry

  • health care
  • jewelry
  • electronics
  • gadgets
  • pet (accessories, clothing, products)
  • kids and baby niche
  • home improvement
  • home decor
  • yard and garden
  • household and cleaning
  • hair extension
  • yoga
  • sport wears
  • indoor games
  • party games
  • action figures
  • classic art
  • pin-up
  • Harajuku
  • leggings
  • socks
  • sunglasses
  • watches
  • jewelry
  • Electronic cigarets accessories
  • phone accessories
  • airpud accessories
  • gaming
  • gopro accessories
  • hair accessories
  • massage
  • nails
  • tattoo and body art
  • bar accessories
  • feng shui
  • kitchen accessories
  • bowties
  • men wallets
  • ties
  • birthday and party decoration
  • pet clothing
  • campaign
  • fishing
  • cycling
  • survival
  • footbal
  • tennis
  • golf
  • viking
  • beer lovers
  • alcohol lovers
  • Japanese kawaii
  • notebooks
  • stickers
  • scarves
  • women bags
  • car accessories
  • motocycle accessories

Finally, i hope u could select between general or niche store, if u choose niche store, i hope my list helps you to pick a niche for your store.