Buy A Domain And Link It With Your Shopify Store (Namecheap, Godaddy, Shopify)

1- What Are The Best Domain Name Providers:

The Top 3 Domain Name Providers Are Shopify, Godaddy, And Namecheap, I Prefer Namecheap Or Godaddy As I Can Keep all my domains separated from Shopify, but in case you will deal with just one domain name, u can go with shopify domain and u won't regret it.

Also They Have Different Pricing Per Year:


Domain Providers Price Per Year (.Com)
Shopify 14 USD/Year
Godaddy 11.99 USD/Year
Namecheap 8.88 USD/Year


How To Buy A Domain From Shppify, Godaddy Or Namecheap:

To Buy From Godaddy or Namehceap, just click the links above, type your domain "" if it is available, buy it Then Jump To Section 3 From This Guide.

While, For Shopify:

  • Go To Shopify "Dashboard"
  • Go To "Online Store"
  • Go To "Domains", And Click "Buy Domain"

  • Write Down Your Domain, If It Is Available You Will See A "Buy Now" Button, Click On It.

3- How To Link Your Premium Domain With A Shopify Store:

In This Part I Will Cover How You Can Link Your Domain, After You Buy It From Shopify, Godaddy Or Namecheap With Your Shopify Store:

A- Shopify Guide:

No Need To Connect It, It Is Already Connected.

B- Namecheap:

i- In Namecheap: You Need To Point The Domain DNS To Shopify, To Do:

  • Log To Your Namecheap Dashboard
  • Select The Domain And Click Manage Button
  • In DNS Template, Change It From "Choose DNS Template" To "Shopify"

  • Hit The Check Icon To Save

ii- In Shopify: Now We Need To Add Domain To Shopify

  • Go To Your Shopify Store Dashboard
  • Go To Online Store, Then Domains
  • Click In "Connect Existing Domain"

  • Type Your Domain, And Click Next
  • Click In "Verify Connection"
  • See Section 4 From This Article.

C- Godaddy:

In Godaddy The Process Is Quite Simple Compared To Namecheap:

  • Go To Your Shopify Store Dashboard
  • Online Store Then Domain
  • Click In "Connect Existing Domain"
  • Type Your Domain, And Hit Next
  • Click In "Auto Connect"
  • You Will Be Redirected To Godaddy, Just Logging And The Domain DNS Will Be Automatically Changed To Shopify.
  • Click In "Verify Connection"
  • See Section 4 From This Guide

3- Switch The Store From Shopify Subdomain To The New Domain:

After You Link The Domain With Shopify, You Need To Use It Instead Of Storename.Myshopify.Com; To Do That:

  • Go Back To "Domain", Click On "Change Primary Domain"

  • And Choose Your "New Domain - Domain.Com"

Now Your Store Is Accessible Via New Domain (Note: HTTPS May Take Up To 12 Hours To Start Working).